Panagora EDGE


A dynamic sales tool

EDGE is a custom built e-commerce front end web framework created for scalability and performance, focusing solely on online sales. Our tool to create global e-commerce solutions and inspiring sales experiences online.


Created with the intention to offer a user-friendly e-commerce framework that is customized to serve the specific needs of your business EDGE offers a solution for your global e-commerce venture, your unique product selection and marketing strategy. EDGE is tailored to help you focus on the areas that matter the most to your business, help you with your daily tasks and help you to succeed in reaching your short and long term e-commerce goals.

Performance and Scalability

Using advanced caching and image management functionality, EDGE offers the option to grow with the solution. Images are created from one uploaded original and then cached on multiple image hosts. Static product searches and data is cached making the end user experience as responsive as possible without affecting logical functions as stock level or pricing.

Elastic infrastructure in the cloud will grow and shrink in relation to your capacity needs. You no longer need to think about when it's time to upgrade the servers or replace the OS to get to the latest and greatest.

Automated deployment using a version of the blue/green deployment concept removes the anxiety of difficult roll-back scenarios. If a deploy goes wrong, you're back to the previous one with a simple and fully automated switch.

100% SLA Guaranteed

Your store should be open 24/7. We make that happen by utilizing a devops in the cloud methodology using cloud infrastructure to build and maintain our hosting platform. Leveraging best in class partners for cloud services, infrastructure and security online.

AWS (Amazon web services) provide a fully managed cloud as a service where we have built and integrated our platform.

Cloudflare for security features such as bot mitigation, custom WAF, Anycast DNS and CDN


Built on experience and market voice

In developing EDGE, Panagora has created something that the market was lacking. From the company's extensive experience and by listening to both consumers and online vendors, EDGE was created to make sure that market needs were met - not only today but also, with consideration of the direction of e-commerce, future needs.

Flexibility to change

The EDGE platform is developed with one thing in mind - the market brings new challenges every day as customers develop their online needs. Website features have to follow in order to keep up with full conversion potential. EDGE contains a standardized API that can be utilized by any third party, offering the possibility to extend the platform with new functionality without having to change or replace the existing e-commerce system.

New versions and upgrades

Our R&D team is constantly working on improving the platform which we release in versions. All versions are offered to our clients, and we always recommend to upgrade to the latest version. Panagora keeps a roadmap based on discussions and feedback with all existing clients keeping priorities on what creates the most value for everyone.

Powerful and easy to use administration

The EDGE Manager is the web based user-friendly interface where you will be able to configure and manage product settings, campaigns and most of the content in your online store.

Core features

Market segmentation

Create automatic segments of your target audience based on customer group, device, referral traffic and region. Or use our manual search tool to create segments based on your customers purchase history. The market segments allows for customizable campaigns and offers as well as giving you the possibility to show specific prices and products for certain markets.

Global reach with local touch

EDGE supports any currency and any language making it very powerful and enables your venture to reach further. We have no limit regarding the amount of currencies of languages you want to maintain in EDGE. Today about 50% of the sales generated through EDGE are being delivered outside of Sweden. Using Geo-targeting EDGE automatically offer the correct currency and language to each visitor.

Search engine and Product filtering

Using EDGE you will spend more time marketing your products instead of placing them in the correct categories. Via product attribution and search based navigation you no longer need to manually place products in their respective categories, this is done for you automatically based on the search criteria you set up.

A human-centric checkout

One of the most important part of the e-commerce venture is an easy to use, streamlined checkout process that makes sense. EDGE offers a fully customizable checkout with optimal conversion capabilities with focus on the user experience.

On-site Marketing and SEO

Customizable product feeds lets you use your resources to create and publish the best possible content for your shop and spread it immediately. Add unlimited images on products or on different product variants to increase user experience and usability. Feed the data to third party marketing sources and affiliates to gain momentum and reach further.

EDGE API and Third Party integrations

We offer a standardized and fully documented web-based API for all types of integrations via third parties to easily interact and integrate with your e-commerce solution. Scheduled and automated integrations can also be built based on the EDGE Manager built-in scheduling and event-based trigger mechanism.

The EDGE API provide the client with an integration point to his own preferred ERP which will take care of logistics, accounting and other back office related issues. Examples of ERP integrations with EDGE are Dynamics AX, Navision, SAP, Jeeves, Garp, M3, BeX and many more.

Accepting all payments

We offer the most common Payment Providers such as Dibs, Klarna and Paypal out of the box and the option to add any other service provider on demand.

Tracking and Analytics

Analyze performance and ROI directly from Google Analytics. EDGE is prepared for Google Analytics Enhanced e-commerce Tracking. EDGE will also integrate with any third-party tracking solution like affiliates, online marketing, retargeting systems and more.

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