Business driven solutions.

Using our deep expertise across a wide array of web technologies, platforms and tools, we have built industry-leading responsive web and mobile applications for our clients. Our customer-centric approach integrates all disciplines — strategy, technology and design — to deliver elegant and impactful solutions.

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Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our strategy-driven approach uncovers cultural, industry, consumer, and brand insights that dictate our creative thinking. By combining soft human insights and hard data, our ideas are informed rather than guesswork. The outcome is a results-oriented strategy that embraces opportunities, and one that we use to guide our execution throughout the lifespan of each project.

  • Workshops
  • Strategic consulting
  • Data strategy
  • Dashboard development and reporting
  • Website analytics
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • User research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User scenarios and persona development
  • Goal setting & benchmarking

Design is not just about the look and feel of things. Design is how it works. Our designers have an appreciation for how code works, which allows us to understand both the possibilities and limitations of current technologies. With a focus on simplicity and powerful user experiences, we create beautiful, useful and unique experiences that delight your customers and drive sales.

  • Information architecture
  • Branding and identity
  • UX and UI
  • Human centric e-commerce
Technology and Code

Technology is here to serve us, not the other way around. Our technologists understand design and real human needs, and that allows us to create accessible, usable and long-lasting solutions. With our deep technical knowledge we have developed custom-made solutions and platforms built for speed, stability and scalability.

Our core solutions are delivered on our proprietary e-commerce platform EDGE

  • Responsive development
  • Solution architecture
  • Front-end engineering
  • Quality testing
  • Installation and experience
  • Back-end engineering
  • API integration
  • Devops in the cloud
Localisation hubs

To gain optimal traction in key markets you need to have intimate knowledge in consumer behavior of these markets. Panagora have localisation teams in both Korea and Japan to penetrate local markets for additional growth.

We're happy to tell you more on how we work with localisation and how we can help you succeed on these markets.

Panagora EDGE is our e-commerce platform and the engine that drives the core of our business and solutions.

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