Best of Brands

An engaging omni-channel journey

An engaging omni-channel journey


Best of Brands is a premium fashion retailer offering a selected assortment of the best brands, in five stores spread over Sweden. With a heritage back to the 1920's the brand prides itself on offering excellent service through a knowledgeable sales force.

"A consistent and seamless shopping experience…"

However, they saw a need to upgrade their service offerings upon realizing that their customers behavior was shifting. They approach us with a challenge to bring their brand and business into the online world, and to come up with a solution that would present a consistent and seamless shopping experience across their offline and digital channels.


Our approach began with the idea of properly visualizing the width and variety of brands that is "Best of Brands", and make it possible to offer omni-channel services to the customer. Hence, we developed an automated e-commerce solution that was integrated to existing business systems and offline POS (Point of Sales).


Our effort in the project led to the following results

  • Helped develop a customer-centric approach across all channels.
  • Reduce risk with sales from the central warehouse and all store warehouses.
  • Increased customer loyalty through a multi-channel loyalty program and targeted personalized offers.
  • Improved customer service level thanks to a closer connection between offline and online purchases.


Art direction, Technology, E-commerce SaaS (Software as a Service), Strategy

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