Driving online expansion and elevating the Naked brand experience


In becoming the prime destination for female sneakerheads, Danish multibrand store Naked was facing a natural step in the sneaker evolution. Moving to focus on the challenge to sell limited hype sneakers and handling the extreme traffic peaks that comes with it.

Our mission was to help Naked's online expansion and growth by creating a new e-commerce solution that could handle the peaks and volatile traffic from releases, and at the same time elevate the Naked brand experience through curated editorial content.


Migrating the e-commerce solution to Panagora's platform EDGE means that Naked is running on an elastic infrastructure on AWS that automatically grows and shrinks depending on the traffic demand.

On top of the e-commerce platform, we built a template-based and adaptive design solution that enables Naked to create inspiring content with ease and update their site more often – keeping an always up-to-date profile and a better overall user experience.


Equipped with a self-healing and elastic e-commerce solution, Naked can now better handle the increased traffic when doing hype releases, as well as creating curated editorial content on site. They no longer have to fall back on communicating using an external blog. With the new interactive and living editorial archive, Naked has taken another step to "The Naked Universe" online.

"Switching to EDGE as our new webshop platform, was a virtually effortless transition. The expertise and knowledge about our industry in the project team at Panagora enabled us to collaboratively create the most dynamic website for our business. We look forward to doing business with Panagora for many years to come."

Tommas Olsen, CEO

Key benefits delivered with the new set-up

  • Increasing the SLA to over 99.98%, with the longest downtime of 10 minutes.
  • The move of editorial content from blog to shop seamlessly connects content with products, saving time and creating a better end-user experience.
  • Over 140% increase in revenue.


EDGE Enterprise, Art Direction, Concept, Strategy, Technology

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